God’s intervention to change PH sports

God’s intervention to change PH sports


MARCH 27, 2018

Source: http://www.manilatimes.net/gods-intervention-to-change-ph-sports/388836/

The exceptional talent of Philippine Swimming League (PSL) swimmer, Jasmine Mojdeh, 11, became a catalyst for change in Philippine swimming and perhaps the entire Philippine Sports.

The PSL was created in 2010 with the aim of democratizing PH swimming.

I placed my faith in God then to finally change the system in Philippine Sports that has ruined so many young athletes for decades.

The vicious chain of corruption must finally stop.

It was during this period that then PH Olympic Committee (POC) president, Peping Cojuangco appointed Mark Joseph as POC Secretary General.

With his power and influence, Joseph waywardly ruled PH swimming.

His Philippine Swimming, Inc. (PSi) recruited swimmers from PSL whom they considered as threat to their top swimmers. To woo tankers, they offered perks that are hard to resist.

I created the PSL together with Senator Nikki Coseteng and other people with no membership fees.

We know it will be difficult. We know also that it could break our hearts but we can only have our faith and trust in God.

PSL coaches broke their hearts so many times seeing swimmers they developed for years being recruited by the PSi.

Then Jasmine Mojdeh came—she is different.

Jasmine chose to sacrifice for the sake of many, for other swimmers and future swimmers.

The parents of Jasmine have refused many times for their daughter to be recruited by the PSi.

A lot of good things are now happening in PH sports.

First, we have a President that loves children. In fact he said, “If you destroy my children, I will kill you.” A President that loves sports, he wants a “sports for all program” and a nation with healthy citizens. He hates corruption. He is a President that does not want Filipinos to be subservient and dictated upon by foreign countries

We also have new Philippine Sports Commission chairman in the person of William “Butch” Ramirez

We have a new POC president in the person of Ricky Vargas as well as POC secretary general in Patrick “Pato” Gregorio.

(To be continued)