Does President Duterte know this?

 Does President Duterte know this?


MAY 21, 2018

I had to pray so hard before writing this article. I had to ask God’s wisdom, strength and courage.

I have to write this article for the sake of Philippine sports, which is going down the drain because of the leaders sitting in the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC).

The PSC was created through Republic Act 6847. It has the same status as a government regulatory agency attached to the Office of the President, with the chairman thereof being the same level as a department undersecretary and the commissioners as assistant secretaries.

The chairman is William Ramirez and the commissioners are Arnold G. Agustin, Charles Raymund A. Maxey, Celia H. Kiram and Ramon S. Fernandez.


Excerpts from President Duterte’s message to PSC state that “the PSC plays an important role in inspiring our people and uplifting their lives through programs that tap on the vast potential of Filipino athletes from all sectors of society. I therefore assure you that I am fully behind you in your vision of instilling national pride and attaining international prestige for the Philippines through excellence in competitive sports.”

The Philippine Swimming League (PSL) community believes in President Duterte. That’s the reason why the PSL family campaigned and voted for him.

In fact, because of the President’s care and love for the children, we heard him saying he is to kill anyone that destroys them.

Our dear President is not aware of what’s happening at the PSC.

I was shocked by the documents that reached me against Ramirez.

The complainant is the PSC’s legal officer — Maribel Rodriquez

A decision promulgated by the Sandiganbayan on February 20, 2018 in the case People of the Philippines vs. William Ramirez and Ma. Flordeliza M. Angel (Case no. SB 17 Criminal 0627) for violation of Section 3 (e) of Republic Act 3019 reads as follows:

“The Supreme Court has repeatedly held that preventive suspension under Section 13 of R.A. 3019 is mandatory. Section 13 of R.A. 3019 is clear and explicit that there is hardly room for any extended court rationalization of the law. It mandates the suspension of a public official from office pending a criminal prosecution under R.A. No. 3019 or Title 7, Book II of the Revised Penal Code or for any offense involving public funds or property or fraud on government.

WHEREFORE, the Prosecution’s Motion to Suspend Accused Pendente Lite dated December 11, 2017 is PARTIALLY GRANTED. Accused William I. Ramirez is hereby SUSPENDED pendente lite as Chairman of the Philippine Sports Commission, or any other public position he may now or hereafter be holding. Accused William I. Ramirez is ordered to CEASE AND DESIST from further performing and/or exercising the functions, duties and privileges of his position effective immediately upon receipt of this resolution for a period of ninety (90) days. The suspension of the accused shall be automatically lifted upon the expiration of the 90-day period from the implementation of this resolution.

Let a copy of this Resolution be furnished the Office of the President, through the Executive Secretary, for the implementation of this order of suspension. The Executive Secretary, or his duly authorized representative, is directed to inform the Court of the action taken thereon, the actual date of the implementation of the suspension, and the expiry date of the 90-day period within fifteen (15) days from receipt hereof.


The Order was signed by Associate Justice Karl B. Miranda.

What is more horrifying is that the document issued by Ramirez, Office Order no. 18-046, dated March 6, 2018 pertains to the designation of Rodriguez as head of the Legal Affairs Office of PSC.

This clearly means promoting Rodriguez, who sued Ramirez.

This is corruption in the highest order!

Alam ba ito ng Kongreso at ng Presidente?